Dos Game Manager

A DOS Game Manager for Windows
Last update : Februari 3th 2020

With this DOS Game Manager you can:
- add references to all your DOS Game executables
- link a screenshot to each DOS Game
- link a description file to each DOS Game.
- locate and keep the Main folder where you keep your Dos Games
- locate and keep the location of the DOSBox executable
- launch your DOS Games within DOSBox by checking the Option "DOS"
- make DOSBox to close after finishing your DOS Game by checking the "Auto-exit" option
- launch other programs, if you'd like, even Windows programs (check the "Win" option)

Download 'zipped' setup file here Download (1.24 Mb)

Visit the page with more than 1000 !!! DOS Game Screenshots to use with "Dos Game Manager"
Or... download the zipped file containing all screenshots available on this site right here

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Preview Preview
Preview Preview

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